Communications Workers Of America
Local 6372
Missouri & Kansas

Bargaining Report 01/20/2015    

Bargaining Report 01/23/2015

Bargaining Report 1/27/2015

Bargaining Report 1/29/2015

Bargaining Report 1/30/2015

Bargaining Report 1/31/2015

Bargaining Report 2-1-2015

Bargaining Report 3-24-2015

We go back to the table September 2nd and 3rd 2015

The Members of Your E Board and this contracts Bargaining Committee  
President: Benny Hooper
EVP/VP MO: Herb Baumann
VP KS: Patrick Sheldon
Treasurer: Dean Weigel
Secretary: Scott Allen

Grievance Updates
2014-CWA-6372-OPS-003- Holiday Call out Grievance, in regrades to Dean Weigel’s work on a holiday and not getting
double time is going to arbitration.
M-2012-CWA-6372-OPS-002- Hours Over 8 Grievance, was won in arbitration and currently in the settlement process.
2015-CWA-6372-OPS-002 – Relocation Class Action Grievance is currently going to arbitration.
2015-CWA-6372A-OPS-001- Rad Upgrade Contractor Grievance, has been appealed and going to 2nd level.
2015-CWA-6372A-OPS-002- Forced Overtime, still waiting on information requests for the first level meeting.
2015-CWA-6372-OPS-004- Premium Pay for a Holiday, is still waiting on information request for the 1st level meeting.
Both Link to success Class Action Grievances are waiting on 2nd level meetings and being handled by the National CWA
The Missouri Crossing Borders Grievance is on hold at the 1st level and have not been assigned a Grievance number.

The hours over 8 Grievance has been awarded to the Union.  
Thank you to all of those individuals who put in countless hours of research and preparation!
More news to follow as soon as it comes available.


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